Waseca Mayhem

Waseca Mayhem 

Sunday, July 19 at 1:00 pm


Admission: $10 Adults; 12 and under $5; Pit (sold only on day of race) $20

New For 2015 Powder Puff Demo, Power Wheels, Lawn Mower Demo

Plus 2 Trailer Races, Appliance Race & Obstacle Race


2105 Rules and Entry Form are available on the WeCrash website (link will take you to their webpage)

Join us for an afternoon of entertainment:

-  Power Wheels ages (3- 6) & ages (7 - 10) 1st 18 in each age group pre-entered (All Kids Receive A Trophy)

- Appliance Race

- Lawn Mower Derby

mower1  mower2 

- Mayhem Obstacle Race Midsize and Mini's

- Powder Puff Derby: Midsize Car's 111" or Less, Front Wheel Drive Car's Only

- Midsize & Minis Trailer Race: Prizes for: Extreme Driver; Most Laps and Best Looking Trailer

-Full Size Car or Trucks railer Race: Prizes for Extreme Driver; Most Laps, and Best Looking Trailer



 For rules questions contact Mike Bathke at 612-987-9674 or Mark Houston at 507-634-4914